The Truth About High PR Backlinks

24 Feb

Today I am going to talk about links and how they can help you and how they can really hurt you. First off, links in general can and always will help your site. However, spam and low quality links will always hurt you and you will never see anything good come from them. That is why you see so much stuff about getting high quality high pr backlinks and how they are the only links that can help. So the first thing you need to know is that using automated programs and software will not help. Anything that is automated regarding links will only hurt you. The last thing you want is thousands of crappy links coming in to your site. That is why you should purely be focuses on getting high authority links that have decent pr and will bring you traffic as well. Keep in mind that most of the time links will not bring the right traffic, unless it is from a highly relevant site that is in the same industry as yours. Most of the time the links you get will not be from sites like that though. So now you know that using automated software is the wrong thing to do. You also need to know that you should be using branded links a majority of the time. This means using your company name whatever it might be. Then after that you should be focusing on building just url links either with the www or without, whatever matches how your site is set up. Once you have laid the foundation and only then you can focus on using kw’s as your anchor text. That way you know that you already have a divers link profile and that you wont get penalized by using kw’s. When we first started thsi site we followed that same formula. We started with Brand links and did that for about a month. Then we moved on to URl links and did that for about a month also. Then we knew we had a very diverse profile and could afford to start using some exact match words. This worked out extremely well for us and we now have many words that rank on page 1. This is the only formula you should be using for your site. Do not follow what other people say or are doing, specially when they talk about building links with programs. Everything should be built manually and by hand. Now that you know how we do things, it is time for you to take action. Do not just sit on the sidelines while everyone else races past you. Take our advice, build brand and url links, and then use a high pr service to build your kw links. This is the safest and easiest way to do it and we have only seen positive results using this system.

We just gave you a whole lot of information for completely free so make sure that you use it on your sites. The last thing you want is a penalty for your site. If you need help with any of this go ahead and check out these guys here who are pros at this stuff –

Our Experience With A Locksmith In Santa Monica

24 Mar

So myself and a few friends went on a weekend vacation a few weeks ago to California, just a quick little guys getaway for the weekend, a well needed one at that. Everything was going great until one of my bozo friends locked the rental car keys in the car. We were about to leave the hotel and meet up with some friends of ours that live out there, in Santa Monica, but we were stuck because we could not get in the car. So my friend took his phone out and opened up SIRI and said locksmith santa monica which returned a female voice saying there was quite a few results within a 5 mile radius, would we like to see the results, and he said yes. So then we had a list of locksmiths in the Santa Monica area to choose from. Now we just needed to get that list down to 1 company and get them out immediately so that we were not late. We somehow narrowed it down, and negotiated a reasonable price for immediate service and that was it, they said they would be there in no more then 10 minutes. Believe it or not, the guy was there 10 minutes later, and 5 minutes after that he had us back in the car. Our experience with that locksmith in Santa Monica was terrific, and that is hard to say when talking about a locksmith company. But really, it was completely stress free, there was no bait and switch tactics, there was no changing the price once we were at their mercy, they were honest, reliable, and professional from start to finish. When the guy was done we had a few minutes to chit chat with him so we asked a little about his company and the funniest thing happened, he actually said that he had another location in our hometown, which is Boca Raton. What a coincidence right. The name of the locksmith company we are referring to is called Flatrate Locksmith, and they made their name by coming up with a Flatt Fee Pricing Structure, which many other companies tried to imitate after learning about their success. Once they did so well in Boca, they decided to send a family member to Santa Monica to open up another shop, and that one is doing just as good as the other one. The reason they do so well is because they are reliable, honest, responsible, professional, quick, affordable, and timely.

So if you are in the South Florida area or Santa Monica area, and ever get locked out of your house, car, office, RV, or safe, then we highly recommend using these guys for their locksmith services. They will treat you right give you the best deal possible. You can’t go wrong if you use these guys, that we can promise you. You can check out their website here to get more information about their services and to get their contact info just in case you ever need it.

Which NYC Mover Should You Use

7 Mar

So you are thinking about moving pretty soon, but you have heard all the horror stories that come along with loving. The only way to avoid this is to use a good, reliable, and professional moving company. The only way to find one of these is to do the proper research, ask your friends, and search the internet. When we moved last month we had to find the best movers in nyc we could possibly find. This consisted of doing weeks of research, tons of phones calls, multiple emails, and quite a few appointments. In the end, we had to meet with them at our house for them to get a clear understanding of what exactly we were moving, how many rooms there were, how much furniture there was, and how many hours they thought it would take to complete. Once they came out to get all this information they needed a few hours to get the quotes together. Later that night we received 5 free quotes in our inbox, and now we had to compare each of them to one another. One of the companies was much less expensive then the others, so we needed to check some online reviews to see how their service actually was. When we went to some moving review sites we were actually shocked at how many positive reviews they had and how detailed the reviews actually were. We pretty much knew that we were going to choose this moving company, we just needed to iron out a few details before we proceeded. Once we ironed them out it was done, we found the best moving company in NYC and we knew it. Now all we had to do was actually move! That dreaded day came and it went very smooth. They were on time, very careful with all our our dishes, couches, TV’s, furniture, and everything all together. They loaded it all up, and we were on our way to our new house. Once we got there it took them about an hour to unload, unpack, and set up everything, so we were actually just on time with the amount of hours we paid for. Once they were done we were so happy and relieved with how the whole process went. Overall we were extremely satisfied with their work, and we would without a doubt recommend Serenity Movers NYC to anyone that needs a reliable, professional, polite, and affordable moving company in the NYC area.

The Local SEO Company We Are Using

11 Feb

So we decided that we are going to let a outside company handle our marketing for us. It takes enough of our time to get the content ready for this site, the last thing in the world we have time for is employing our own marketing. So we decided to hire a awesome local seo company that is very well known and extremely reputable. We have used them in the past, and they have always done a solid job in getting us rankings and traffic, so we know that they will do the same great work for us this time as well. It isn’t that hard to put two and two together, they get us page 2 rankings and we get more traffic. So it will definitely be worth it for us and them of course. We will regularly be posting updates about their work, as one of the conditions we agreed upon was to let our readers know the status of their work. That way they could get a little extra exposure at the same time as making our site much more visible. What they do is definitely an art, and one they have mastered. There are thousand of seo guys that will talk your ear off about what they can do but when it comes down to results, these guys I would pick every time. Go ahead and check these guys out if you are curious about who they are, we do not mind at all if you want their services as well. I mean we can’t just keep them to ourselves forever right? So now you know what we are up to, the most important thing to us right now is getting our content back up and live for our visitors, then the next thing is to get our SEO back on par. When our site went down we lost everything, so it has been quite a battle to get back to where we are today. W appreciate each and every one of our readers and wish you all the best. Thanks for sticking by us thru the ups and the downs. Here is the awesome seo companies site for you to see if you want..

What We Have In Store For This Site

20 Jan

So today I am going to tell you what we are doing and what we have been to lately. As most of you know and can see, we had to take the old site down and start a complete new one. During this process we lost all of our content, don’t ask me how, it just got deleted. That was a good enough reason to leave the host we were with and start fresh somewhere else. Now that we have our theme, we decided to hire a Web Design and SEO Firm to handle the rest. The company we chose to use for our local seo services is called SEOjus and they are located in South Florida. They came to us highly recommended by another company that has had amazing results due to their awesome work. The company told us that they hired them about a month ago and they are already on page 1 for about 5 keywords. That was enough for us to set up an interview with them and pick their brain about what they thought we should do and what they could actually do for us. After the interview we decides that they were a good fit and were extremely knowledgeable at what they do. So now we have this awesome team of professional Internet Marketers on our side and we are very confident that they will get us exactly what we want. just in the few weeks they have been working we have seen double the traffic from Organic Search and we could not be any happier with their work so far. We understand how hard it is to keep up with the search engines and just wanted the best team possible working for us. We feel we made the best decision in that area and are looking forward to what they do for us over the next few months to a year.

Now obviously we don’t want everyone reading this to get a hold of this company because they are our trade secret, but we were assured that anyone who contacts them by reading this post will be denied services. So that is why we posted their name and a link to their site. We are very confident that SEOjus the leading SEO Company In Florida will be true to their word and not disappoint us. So far we are very happy with their work and are we are very excited to have them working for us on our Design & Marketing for this site. Finding a good, honest, and professional company these days is pretty hard, so we were thrilled when we got this recommendation by our friends across the hall in our building. You will continue to see updates over the next few weeks about what we are doing and what companies are helping us get there. We are very aware of the long road ahead of us, and will continue to do our best to keep pushing forward and doing the best we can. That you can be sure of. Please keep checking back for more posts and updates and make sure to have a great day.

Welcome Back To MazingVids

28 Dec

Welcome back to MazingVids everyone. I apologize for being away for awhile, there was some personal stuff going on and I also had to switch Hosting Companies as well. I plan to have this site back up and running perfectly within the next week. So please everyone keep checking back for some great stuff. I appreciated everyone who has sent emails to me, and I will never forget the support. Until next time, have a great day!