Check This Review Site About Vape Stuff

24 Dec

Ok all you people we are back to do a really short review to end out the Year. Nothing major, just some well deserved recognition to a great company and great site. These guys over at The Best Vape work really hard every day to review products for the Vape Community and most of the time they aren’t appreciated at all. And the reason for this is because the “Vape Review” world has become saturated with people who either do not really care about the community or who are just doing it for some free stuff. And that is really sad fort us, and for the companies giving them the stuff because they are just cheating themselves. That being said, these guys normally do two parts for each review, the first is the preliminary which is mostly lots of pics, a brief description of the product, some specs, and where to actually buy it. Then about two weeks later they usually update the review with the “full version” which is just more detailed. There are a few categories of reviews to choose from on their site, they are Sub Ohm Tank Reviews, DNA 200 Box Mod Reviews, e-Juice Reviews, and a few others that I can not think of at the moment.

A excellent recent post they did was the Herakles Plus Review that they did really well. There are lots of pics, lots of specs, a thorough description, their opinion of course, and three places to purchase it. If you are interested at all in buying this perfect Sub Ohm Tank we suggest that you check out the review first. Like I said before, I always trust what these guys say so if they say that they like the tank and recommend it then I always buy it right after reading that.

Another really good one they also just did is a tank that is made by an already well known and very popular company called Playboy, yes you read that right the same company that started the special magazine. The  Playboy Vixen Review has tons of pictures there, lots of good facts about it, specs, and much more. They recommended to buy the tank and we did right after that. When we got it in the mail a few days later we were very happy we bought it. The tank is built great, has great airflow, holds 4ml’s of juice, produces lots of vapor, and gives great flavor at the same time.

To sum up this last post of the year, if you are going to read reviews of Vape products online then we suggest you do it on a reputable  website like the following site so you can get the best information, most honest information, and you can be sure that they are not being influenced by another company to write positive things which are not at all true. Since a majority of the reviewers out there receive free stuff it’s very hard to trust what you read, and that is why you need to find someone you can trust and stick with them. Ok guys and gals, that is it for this year, have a happy and sage holiday and we will see you next year.

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