The Local SEO Company We Are Using

11 Feb

So we decided that we are going to let a outside company handle our marketing for us. It takes enough of our time to get the content ready for this site, the last thing in the world we have time for is employing our own marketing. So we decided to hire a awesome local seo company that is very well known and extremely reputable. We have used them in the past, and they have always done a solid job in getting us rankings and traffic, so we know that they will do the same great work for us this time as well. It isn’t that hard to put two and two together, they get us page 2 rankings and we get more traffic. So it will definitely be worth it for us and them of course. We will regularly be posting updates about their work, as one of the conditions we agreed upon was to let our readers know the status of their work. That way they could get a little extra exposure at the same time as making our site much more visible. What they do is definitely an art, and one they have mastered. There are thousand of seo guys that will talk your ear off about what they can do but when it comes down to results, these guys I would pick every time. Go ahead and check these guys out if you are curious about who they are, we do not mind at all if you want their services as well. I mean we can’t just keep them to ourselves forever right? So now you know what we are up to, the most important thing to us right now is getting our content back up and live for our visitors, then the next thing is to get our SEO back on par. When our site went down we lost everything, so it has been quite a battle to get back to where we are today. W appreciate each and every one of our readers and wish you all the best. Thanks for sticking by us thru the ups and the downs. Here is the awesome seo companies site for you to see if you want..

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