The Truth About High PR Backlinks

24 Feb

Today I am going to talk about links and how they can help you and how they can really hurt you. First off, links in general can and always will help your site. However, spam and low quality links will always hurt you and you will never see anything good come from them. That is why you see so much stuff about getting high quality high pr backlinks and how they are the only links that can help. So the first thing you need to know is that using automated programs and software will not help. Anything that is automated regarding links will only hurt you. The last thing you want is thousands of crappy links coming in to your site. That is why you should purely be focuses on getting high authority links that have decent pr and will bring you traffic as well. Keep in mind that most of the time links will not bring the right traffic, unless it is from a highly relevant site that is in the same industry as yours. Most of the time the links you get will not be from sites like that though. So now you know that using automated software is the wrong thing to do. You also need to know that you should be using branded links a majority of the time. This means using your company name whatever it might be. Then after that you should be focusing on building just url links either with the www or without, whatever matches how your site is set up. Once you have laid the foundation and only then you can focus on using kw’s as your anchor text. That way you know that you already have a divers link profile and that you wont get penalized by using kw’s. When we first started thsi site we followed that same formula. We started with Brand links and did that for about a month. Then we moved on to URl links and did that for about a month also. Then we knew we had a very diverse profile and could afford to start using some exact match words. This worked out extremely well for us and we now have many words that rank on page 1. This is the only formula you should be using for your site. Do not follow what other people say or are doing, specially when they talk about building links with programs. Everything should be built manually and by hand. Now that you know how we do things, it is time for you to take action. Do not just sit on the sidelines while everyone else races past you. Take our advice, build brand and url links, and then use a high pr service to build your kw links. This is the safest and easiest way to do it and we have only seen positive results using this system.

We just gave you a whole lot of information for completely free so make sure that you use it on your sites. The last thing you want is a penalty for your site. If you need help with any of this go ahead and check out these guys here who are pros at this stuff –

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