What We Have In Store For This Site

20 Jan

So today I am going to tell you what we are doing and what we have been to lately. As most of you know and can see, we had to take the old site down and start a complete new one. During this process we lost all of our content, don’t ask me how, it just got deleted. That was a good enough reason to leave the host we were with and start fresh somewhere else. Now that we have our theme, we decided to hire a Web Design and SEO Firm to handle the rest. The company we chose to use for our local seo services is called SEOjus and they are located in South Florida. They came to us highly recommended by another company that has had amazing results due to their awesome work. The company told us that they hired them about a month ago and they are already on page 1 for about 5 keywords. That was enough for us to set up an interview with them and pick their brain about what they thought we should do and what they could actually do for us. After the interview we decides that they were a good fit and were extremely knowledgeable at what they do. So now we have this awesome team of professional Internet Marketers on our side and we are very confident that they will get us exactly what we want. just in the few weeks they have been working we have seen double the traffic from Organic Search and we could not be any happier with their work so far. We understand how hard it is to keep up with the search engines and just wanted the best team possible working for us. We feel we made the best decision in that area and are looking forward to what they do for us over the next few months to a year.

Now obviously we don’t want everyone reading this to get a hold of this company because they are our trade secret, but we were assured that anyone who contacts them by reading this post will be denied services. So that is why we posted their name and a link to their site. We are very confident that SEOjus the leading SEO Company In Florida will be true to their word and not disappoint us. So far we are very happy with their work and are we are very excited to have them working for us on our Design & Marketing for this site. Finding a good, honest, and professional company these days is pretty hard, so we were thrilled when we got this recommendation by our friends across the hall in our building. You will continue to see updates over the next few weeks about what we are doing and what companies are helping us get there. We are very aware of the long road ahead of us, and will continue to do our best to keep pushing forward and doing the best we can. That you can be sure of. Please keep checking back for more posts and updates and make sure to have a great day.

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